Why It Pays to Buy a Water Filter



Gets Rid of Tap Water Smell

When the kitchen faucet is turned on for the purpose of re hydration, the water that comes out seems to have an unpleasant smell. This is perhaps due to the wide range of chemicals used to treat the tap water or its exposure to heavy metals, which lets it have an undesirable smell and taste that makes it difficult to tolerate.

The strength of this odor can range depending on the quality of water within the area however, one of the best filtered water benefits is it can get rid of this odor and at the same time provide clear and safe drinking water.

Removes Chlorine

Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical in treating water supplies. It is essential in removing harmful bacteria and diseases from water however, its remnants can cause the unpleasant odor of tap water as earlier mentioned.

According to the US Council of Environmental Quality, the risk of getting cancer was 93% higher among individuals who were exposed to chlorinated water.

Also, the World Health Organization or WHO discovered a higher risk of bladder cancer among people who drink chlorinated water against those who did not drink chlorinated water more than half their lifetimes.

Saves Money on Bottled Water

In the past decade, bottled water has become a popular drink. This is especially true when it comes to the fitness industry since there are a higher number of people who drink a lot of bottled water these days. From the public health viewpoint, this is positive since more and more people are choosing to drink water over soft drinks however, this is an unnecessary expense.

Bottled water is about thirty times more expensive than filtered water. No matter if this is bought per bottle or by the crate, this is considered as overspending when compared to the price of water filter per liter. The benefit of filtered water in term of finances is the cost savings it gives. In addition, it offers the same revitalizing taste given by bottled water straight from the tap.

Reduces Plastic Footprint

Perhaps the biggest problem with the boom of the bottled water industry is its negative effect on the environment. About 1,000,000 plastic bottles are sold worldwide per minute and in 2016, only less than half of the 480 billion plastic bottles sold were recycled properly. Around 17 barrels of oil are required each year to produce the number of plastic bottles currently consumed internationally and the amount of plastic produced every year weighs the same as humanity.

As commentators suggest, the plastic crisis is fast becoming a big threat like global warming is to the planet’s future. A water filter encourages people to forget the need for a PET plastic bottle, which is only for single use. There could be no other better benefit of filtered water than to save the planet.

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