Drinking clean water makes you on a diet or not?


A diet method that allows you to lose weight just by drinking water such as mineral water. In
the first place, how much water does a person need in a day, and how much does it get from
the diet? When and when to drink, what is the relationship between drinking water and body
fat? This is a must read for those who are interested!
Meal diet guide
Are Japanese people short of water? And two glasses of hydration
Water is essential for beauty and health maintenance!
The diet method of drinking plenty of water such as mineral water in a day or using
carbonated water is widely known. I think there are many women who try to rehydrate for
beauty. However, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, many Japanese are
deficient in water. On average, I’m calling for two more glasses to drink.
Daily water intake
What happens if you run out of water
Do you sometimes get fat by drinking water?
Relationship between water intake and body fat
Recommended timing for drinking water
Types of water that lead to a diet and how to take it


Daily water intake
If an adult male is relatively rested (*), he needs 2.5 liters of water per day. About half is
excreted in urine and stool, and the other half is used for breathing and sweat. There are
three types of water to supplement it: 1 liter of water taken from the diet, 1.2 liters of drinking
water, and 0.3 liters of water produced during metabolism. This means that adult men who
are not particularly active, such as exercising, need to drink about 1.2 liters of drinking water.
Of course, you will need a lot of water in the summer when you sweat, when you exercise,
and after drinking alcohol. When the temperature is high, it seems necessary to add 1.2 liters
to make up for the lost water. The recommended amount varies depending on the size of your
body and how you spend your day. Adjust it to suit your personal lifestyle.
What happens if you run out of water
Heat stroke (general term for heat fainting, heat cramps, heat fatigue, heat stroke) that tends
to occur in summer, cerebral infarction in which blood vessels in the brain are clogged or torn
and no nutrients reach the brain cells, and cells die. It is worried that it may cause important
life-threatening diseases such as myocardial infarction, in which the lumen of the blood vessel
becomes narrow and the flow is restricted, causing necrosis (cell inactivity) of the
Be careful when you sweat a lot, such as restricting water to lose weight or exercising under
the scorching sun for a long time without drinking water. Don’t do extreme things, as it can
lead to serious consequences rather than dieting.
Do you sometimes get fat by drinking water?
In conclusion, drinking water, mineral water, or unsweetened carbonated water will not make
you fat. If you are a healthy person, you can rest assured that unnecessary water will be
excreted outside the body. However, this is not the case if you drink a lot of sweet or
energetic beverages as water. The calories displayed on commercial soft drinks are often per
100 ml, so check the numbers when you drink a lot and choose your drink wisely so that you
don’t consume too much sugar.
* Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare materials show only the recommended amount of
water intake for adult men
Relationship between water intake and body fat


Alcohol is not suitable for hydration!
Unfortunately, there is no direct evidence that drinking water, mineral water or carbonated
water will reduce body fat.
However, for example, drinking water when you wake up may make up for the water lost at
night and make defecation smoother. Also, since the cells in the body need water, it will be
possible to improve the metabolic function that the body originally has by continuing to supply
sufficient water. Good sleep, a well-balanced diet, and proper hydration are essential for a
healthy and clean body.
Recommended timing for drinking water
Basically, it’s important to drink before you feel thirsty. Good timing when you wake up, before
going to bed, during afternoon breaks, before and after bathing, before and after playing
Alcoholic beverages also lose a lot of water during metabolism, so it is a drink that requires
new water rather than hydration. Be sure to rehydrate during and after drinking alcohol. In
addition, caffeine-rich beverages also have a diuretic effect and are not taken into the body
well, so non-caffeine drinks are good for hydration purposes.
Depending on your constitution, even if you drink a lot of water at once, it may not be
processed and may be excreted as urine. When you are in the room or indoors, it is better to
drink one glass at a time. Also, a large amount of fluid intake, such as a few liters, can upset
the functional balance of your body, so avoid extreme fluid intake unless you are exercising
Types of water that lead to a diet and how to take it
If you are worried about your stomach or have constipation, first eliminate the lack of water. In
addition, take in water diligently when you wake up in the morning, during meals, and
between meals. You can also increase your water intake by adding soup to your meals,
eating with a drink, or adding watery vegetables to your side dishes.
For daytime hydration, use sugar-free, decaffeinated tea or mineral water instead of sweet
drinking water. By the way, you can choose which is better, hard water, soft water, or
carbonated water. There is no basis for which one loses weight.
Some hard water contains a large amount of minerals, so it is a good idea to drink it for
mineral supplementation in addition to meals. Also, with regard to carbonated water, while
refreshing and temporarily swelling the stomach, carbonic acid stimulates the stomach wall,
which may lead to an increase in appetite for some people! It may be a good idea to change
the brand of mineral water depending on the timing of drinking.
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