Sweet and delicious donuts, one of the sweets that makes everyone smile when eaten.
By the way, did you know that donuts didn’t originate in the United States?
By the way, why are there holes in donuts? What is the definition of donut in the first place?
I searched for donuts that are familiar to me but I don’t know about them.

The prototype of the donut was a sweet made from Dutch flour and other ingredients fried in lard. It is said that Puritan learned how to make it during his stay in the Netherlands and traveled to the Americas with the first settlers Pilgrim Fathers. It seems to appear in Irving’s work, which features Dutch immigrants from the 17th century.

Often introduced as material is a sentence written by an American writer named Washington Irving.

What is the origin of the donut name?

The name of the donut is “Dough”: dough and “Nut”: it comes from nuts, and fried confectionery with walnuts in the middle was common.

Donut history

Relationship with Americans

I think many people have an American image when it comes to donuts. Homer Simpson, the main character of the American national anime The Simpsons, loves donuts.
Why did you get the image of donuts = America?
It seems to be related to American war and industrial history.

Activities of donut girls

Donuts are easy, fast, cheap and tasty, so Americans were fascinated by the fried sweets from Europe.
During World War I, women in the Salvation Army handed out donuts to cheer up American soldiers on the battlefield, which was very popular. It is said that more than 1 million pieces were distributed by the end of the war.
I think it was the moment when people’s love for donuts and patriotism were connected.

After the war, the United States entered a mass consumption society. Donuts became more and more popular and mass-produced.
The fact that donut makers such as the world-famous “Crispy Cream Donuts” originated in the United States is one of the factors that strengthened the image of donuts = America.

The secret of the donut hole

By the way, when you think of donuts, there is an image of a hole in the middle.
Why is this hole open?
There are various theories about the origin of the holes in the donuts.

The theory of burning in the middle

Captain Gregory, a sailor, made a hole by pushing out the center with his finger because the fried bread made by his mother was always raw.

Steering wheel hook theory

Captain Gregory, a sailor, made a hole in the steering wheel of the ship to hook the pan.

No walnut theory

In Europe, walnuts were the mainstream in the middle of donuts, but in the United States it was difficult to obtain walnuts, so we started to make holes.

Indian arrow

An arrow shot by a Native American Indian happened to hit the middle of the dough and fell into the oil.

Which theory do you support?

What is the definition of donut?

is there a definition of donut in the first place?

In Daijirin, it is defined as “a confectionery made by mixing flour with sugar, butter, eggs, etc. and fried in a circle”, but in reality there are various types, and in recent years it is made by baking or steaming. The ones that have been made are also widely called donuts.

Difference between yeast donuts and cake donuts

Yes. There are actually two major donuts in the world. There are quite a few irregular ones, but one is yeast donuts, which are donuts that are inflated with yeast and yeast. It’s a donut of bread dough.

The other is a donut that is inflated with baking powder, which is called a cake donut. Cake donuts are pretty much the mainstream in Japan. In a big, certain Mister Donut, it’s usually a cake donut. Also, what is sold to supermarkets and bakeries is basically cake donuts.


Regulated trans fatty acids used in the United States

It’s a donut that seems to be harmful to the body, but “the problem with crispy is that it contains trans fatty acids, ” says registered dietitian A.

Trans fatty acids are fats and oils that are formed when vegetable oils are chemically emulsified, and are abundant in margarine and shortening. Because it is a chemically processed fat, it is said that even the same vegetable oil is likely to put a burden on the body unlike olive oil and linseed oil. However, while it is treated as dangerous goods in the United States of America.

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