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Biryani is the king of South Asian cuisine loved by everyone. Aromatic rice , basmati rice or karigira rice seasoned with saffron, and chunks of meat are used luxuriously to make layers. The scent is so unique that everyone can tell that there is a special event on that day. Biryani is such a popular dish that there is frequent controversy over whether it is a Pakistani national dish.

There are many biryani with the name of the region because the method of making biryani differs depending on the region. This Cindy Biryani is one of the traditional Cindy dishes in the region of Sindh in the southern part of Pakistan. Cindy Biryani uses Jorgut to reduce the irritation of spices. It is also characterized by the fact that many vegetables and fruits are used. Spicy yet mild Cindy Biryani is a very popular menu in Pakistani cuisine and is eaten not only in Pakistan and India but all over the world.

 What is Biryani?

Biryani is like a spice-cooked rice that originated in the Middle East and is said to have been passed down with the infiltration of Islam. Unlike Prao, which is boiled from raw rice, Biryani is characterized by making rice and curry (meat or vegetable curry) separately. It is a wonderful dish with a high aroma and taste created by cooking rice and curry in layers. Different regions have different cooking methods and different spices and herbs. There is a wide variety of biryani made from ingredients such as meat, fish and vegetables. It is often eaten in India and Pakistan, but it also has its own biryani throughout Southeast Asia, and it is a popular dish in the West and Western Europe and is eaten all over the world.

Biryani was once a royal dish, but today it is a dish common to many parts of Pakistan, showing the characteristics and traditions of each part. However, there is controversy over whether Biryani is a Pakistani national dish. There seems to be no dish that the Pakistani government has designated as a national dish . This is because no single dish is popular in all regions of the country, and luxury dishes like Biryani are not edible by all . However, there is no doubt that it is one of the leading candidates competing for the title of national dish . Biryani was originally born among Muslims on the Indian Peninsula, but is popular across regions.

History of Biryani?

Biryani word comes from “Birian” which means “fried before cooking” in Persian. This South Asian mixed rice was born among Muslims on the Indian Peninsula. Biryani is part of the Mughal cuisine known for the Mughal Empire , which ruled the region around the 15th and 19th centuries . The Mughal people took cooking to the realm of art and brought recipes such as biryani, pilaf and kebab to India.

The first Biryani introduced by the Mughals in northern India is known as Pakki Biryani. Before cooking, cook the ingredients, put them in a pan (deg), and put them on a simmer (dam). Hyderabad’s monarch Nizam applied Biryani’s recipe to Kutch (meaning raw), a recipe in which raw ingredients are placed in a pot in appropriate proportions. The deg is sealed and heated on a simmer until it is cooked.

Why Pakistan?

You can’t talk about Biryani without going to Pakistan. That’s because Biryani is a Muslim dish, not an Indian dish. In fact, most of the people who make biryani in India are Muslims. Originally one country, India and Pakistan, Pakistan is a country created independently by Indian Muslims. Given this background, it is even hypothesized that Pakistan, the majority of the population is Muslim, is actually the home of Biryani. For this reason, I thought Pakistan was indispensable when talking about Biryani, so I set out on a trip around Biryani from Susto in the north to Karachi in the south.

The outer box is crushed. Excuse me.

This item is a luxurious boxed spice, but most of the boxes were crushed during transportation. I thought about selling it without a box, but I decided to sell it as it is because the box has the characteristics and usage of the spice written on it. The spice itself comes in a solid aluminum package, so there is no problem with the quality. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand that the box is crushed before purchasing.

 Pakistani food rich in meat curry

Tirakita mainly deals with Indian spice mix, but there are various religions such as Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs in India, and each religion has different meat to eat, and half of the population. Since the neighborhood is vegetarian, there are not many kinds of spice mix for meat.
Before the war, Pakistan was a country like India, and because it is an Islamic country, it has the same characteristics as India and has a rich meat menu.


The Biryani we are presented with the features of the Pakistan domestic around, Cindy Biryani, Punjab Biryani, Boribiriyani, Afghani Biryani, traditional Mughal Biryani, Hyderabad Biryani , and the like .
















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