Are you
thinking , ” Is it important to take protein for body makeup?” ” Isn’t it fat if you take too much
It is very important to be conscious of protein when doing body makeup.
In this issue, we will discuss the effects of extreme protein overdose and the importance of
protein intake during muscle training.
How much do you eat to overdose protein?
What if I have too little protein?
Low protein is often negative!
Protein is also recommended for those who are not doing muscle training!
What if I take too much protein during muscle training? Summary
Why protein is needed for muscle training
“Eat a diet high in protein during the muscle training period” is now being introduced in many
gym trainers and media.
Protein is called “protein” in English, and the muscles, bones, blood, and skin of the body are
made of protein.

Relationship between protein and muscle training
In body make-up, protein intake has an important role of “repairing muscles damaged by
muscle training”.
Therefore, eating during the muscle training period is recommended to consume a large
amount of protein, which is a material for building the body.
Getting enough protein is important not only when you want to build a lot of muscle and make
your body bigger, but also to create a supple, beautiful and firm body line.
What happens if you eat too much protein?
Protein is abundant mainly in foodstuffs such as meat, fish, eggs and soy products.
Since I did muscle training while I was on a diet or during body make-up, I think that some
people have the impression that they need to eat a lot of protein and get fat if they eat a lot of
meat and eggs.
Certainly, it is necessary to consume protein.
However, it is not necessary to consume a large amount of protein anyway, it is important to
know the appropriate amount of protein and to take it correctly.
Here, we will first explain the effects of overdose of protein.
Protein also gains weight when overdose
Unlike foods that are high in sugars and fats such as rice and bread, you may not have the
image that you can easily gain weight even if you eat a lot of meat and fish that are high in
In fact, protein has 4 kcal per gram and the fattest fat is 9 kcal per gram.
However, if you ingest too much because it has lower calories than fat, it can cause obesity
due to excess calories.
Among the protein-rich foods, meat and eggs are higher in calories than fish and soy
Avoid overdose of protein with the urge to eat a lot because it’s during muscle training!
How much do you eat to overdose protein?
Like lipids and sugars, protein can cause fat to build up on your body if taken in excess.
However, in the first place, it is actually difficult to get the recommended intake of protein
using only ingredients.
Please look back on your current diet.
According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the amount of protein required per
day is 50g for men over 18 years old and 40g for women.
The amount of protein in 100g is 12.3g for one chicken egg, 20.5g for 100g of beef tenderloin,
and 27g per 100g for chicken.
By simple calculation, it is not natural to get 5 eggs in a daily meal.
With this in mind, you may think that you rarely get enough protein to overdose with three
meals a day.
On top of that, BOSTY recommends that you eat three meals a day and always include meat,
fish, whole eggs, or soy products with each meal.
The amount of protein required for muscle hypertrophy during the muscle training period is
body weight x 1.5g-2g.
A person weighing 65 kg needs about 130 g of protein.
In terms of natto, it is about 17.5 packs (calculated with a protein content of 7.4 g per pack).
It is not realistic to actually cover everything with meals, so it is efficient to rely on
supplements for the shortage.
If you’re worried that you might get fat and spend your time avoiding protein and protein and
just eating salads and smoothies, try a well-balanced diet that incorporates protein!
What if I have too little protein?


damaged muscle will not be repaired and the effect of muscle training will not appear as
Also, depending on your current weight and the body line you want to aim for, if you are doing
stoic body make-up, you may need more protein per day than just explained.
It is NG to neglect your diet in order to get the full effect of your regular training!
Actively consume protein during muscle training.
Protein is also recommended for those who are not doing muscle training!
This protein has been introduced as an indispensable nutrient for exerting the effect of muscle
training, but in fact, protein is also recommended for those who do not usually exercise!
Especially for women, the diet is
“I can’t eat breakfast properly” and
“Supper is only salad or soup because of my diet ”
, and I often lack nutrients such as protein. I see it.
To be sure, in order to lose weight, it is important to reduce overdose nutrients by restricting
your diet.
However, extreme dietary restrictions can lead to weight loss, muscle loss, and poor skin and
hair quality.
If you want to lose weight and restrict your diet, but you don’t get enough protein, there are
many disadvantages other than losing weight.
Even if you’re not exercising, such as muscle training, take protein as a dietary supplement
and try to get protein that you don’t get in your daily diet.
We also recommend protein to those who don’t eat much meat, fish, or eggs in their daily diet!
What if I take too much protein during muscle training? Summary
Overdose of protein can cause you to get fat due to excessive calories.
However, it is difficult to get enough protein in your daily diet. Rather, it is very difficult to get
all the protein needed for muscle training with just three meals.
First of all, be aware that you get the protein you need in your daily diet!
If you find it difficult to get protein from your diet alone, try using protein as a dietary
Diet is important for body makeup! What is a diet that goes well with training? Why is
protein essential for muscle training? What is the effect of protein?
In order to tighten your body and create your ideal body line, not only muscle training but also
dietary management is indispensable.
In particular, protein is a nutrient needed to repair muscles damaged by muscle training.
Overdose is strictly prohibited, but you also want to avoid running out.
However, there are many people who say, “I don’t know how much protein I need,” or “I’m not
confident that I can manage my diet and training by myself.”
If you have any concerns about body makeup, please feel free to contact BOSTY first!
A professional personal trainer will listen carefully to your concerns and propose a plan to get
closer to your ideal body shape.
Please feel free to contact us if you want to know the atmosphere of the studio or trainer


So What Exactly Is Positive Thinking?

A ton of books have been composed regarding the matter, classes have been held and
individuals pay a great deal of cash to go to these workshops and purchase these books this
just ponders a certain something; individuals need to make progress and they know about the
way that the best way to make this progress is through having a positive or hopeful
The word positive itself implies managing realities, seeing these realities in a positive way.
Others may state positive reasoning is continually taking a gander at the splendid side of
each circumstance regardless of how troublesome it could be. Hopefulness and satisfaction
are related with positive scholars.
Positive reasoning is an ability that can be instructed and gained by anybody; it is an
apparatus that can assist you with arriving at your objectives, cutoff times and dreams.
Remez Sasson later named positive intuition as the demonstration of assessing manners of
thinking and individual activities for regions that need improvement and for regions with
negative ramifications, and afterward utilizing the proper apparatuses to change those
musings or activities in a positive, objective situated way.
Essentially certain reasoning is recognizing the negative musings in your brain, managing
them by understanding that the negative ramifications may block achievement and disposing
of them from our psyches.
With an inspirational demeanor disappointment may back you off yet it won’t prevent you from
showing up at your objective which is achievement.




Certainty is ‘the faith in oneself and one’s forces or capacities.’ This inclination can
undoubtedly be confused with the sentiment of realizing you are superior to other people or
that you couldn’t care less about what others think which is erroneous certainty isn’t about
others it is about yourself how you see yourself, how you reflect yourself and knowing your
ability and limit.
The initial step to improving your certainty is removing that interior voice in our psyche that
continues disclosing to you that it is absurd, shut it out and begin requesting yourself from
what the most dire outcome imaginable is, it is normally not that terrible as the voice in your
mind. In the wake of encountering something you dreaded accomplishing unexpectedly you
understand that it was not as startling as you suspected.
Moral help is a significant piece of reinforcing your certainty, consistently trust in somebody
that can assist you with resting easy thinking about yourself. Opening up about your
apprehensions and sentiments won’t just cause you to feel better however it will give you
another perspective on how others see you and hearing somebody reveal to you that you can
accomplish something can give you that one additional bump into accomplishing something.
Some of the time endeavoring something alone might be over whelming so you may attempt
to discover an accomplice that may propel you, a genuine model is running, when you feel
languid to go running your accomplice will call you and expect t see you at your running spot
this will help you in beginning in whatever venture you need to enjoy.
Continuously consider the way that in the event that it tends to be finished by others you as
an individual can likewise do it, it just needs for you to make one single move to start an
excursion and it just gets simpler as you move along.




Representation alludes to estimating on the future by working up a nonexistent picture or
situation in your brain and that image of situation thinks about an achievement of an objective
or cutoff time. Representations are a significant piece of the excursion when running after
something since they keep you roused.
Seeing a completed item or achievement in your psyche gives you’re the desire to need to
work more enthusiastically in arriving at that objective. Without perception, you may question
that you are really accomplishing something you need eventually and you may lose focal
point of the genuine importance of why you are pursuing something.
Aside from keeping you propelled representations may really bring up any future potential
issues with whatever you are pursuing.
On the off chance that a youthful female is pursuing a profession in displaying she may
understand that she needs to keep her body in a specific size so it doesn’t meddle with her
vocation so she as of now begins towards changing her dietary patterns and starts practicing
In spite of the fact that it is only a fantasy right now she begins running after creation that
fantasy a reality by wiping out any potential articles that may hinder her to make that fantasy
work out.
Picturing your little glimpse of heaven makes it simpler for you to run after it; it saves the
requirement for accomplishment alive in you. It is significant piece of the excursion that may
assist you with getting to the amount you need that specific thing you are pursuing or wanting.
Now and then subsequent to imagining something you understand you really don’t need it
and you would prefer to decide on something different and this will help you not to squander
your energy on something that won’t present to you any degree of fulfillment after all the
exertion put into it.



Treat People The Way You Would Like To Be TreatedThe way that you treat others around you shows the sort of individual that you are. It
considers your experience childhood and even your own character.
A great many people allude to this as the brilliant guideline. Aside from this being the human
most essential activity it is additionally significant in light of the fact that life is a wheel you are
not generally on top you may descend at a point as expected and need somebody to pull you
Treating individuals with nobility and regard causes them to feel great and acknowledged as
well as causes you the individual to feel better about yourself.
At the point when you treat individuals a similar way you need to be dealt with you fabricate
this standing for yourself and become known as the sort and pleasant individual.
It may not profit you amazingly to have a decent standing however it will help the individuals
around you to realize that they can trust and rely upon you and be there for you a similar way
you would be them for them.
This term is best clarified in strict terms whereby the great perfect activity is to be acceptable
and regard the sentiments of others. This assertion is regularly instructed to little youngsters
as an approach to cause them to get that in the event that you treat somebody well they will
likewise treat you well.
As the youngsters comprehend this likewise us grown-ups ought to get this and if everyone
treated every other person the manner in which they need to be dealt with the world we live in
would be a superior spot.
Being Able Turn Negative To PositiveAn individual has the ability to control the manner in which they think, you have all out control
of how you see each circumstance that you are in. It is possibly you acknowledge it and settle
on a choice to transform it on the off chance that you are not content with it or you sit and feel
frustrated about yourself. Thus numerous individuals don’t understand that they can do this.
At whatever point something happens the manner in which you didn’t expect it to you feel
either baffled or pitiful, the mistake effectively goes to outrage or you feel vanquished and
vulnerable, anyway that is one’s very own decision.
When something doesn’t work out or something doesn’t occur it doesn’t mean it will never
occur, it might imply that you are not prepared for it and that you actually need to develop and
develop personally.
It is smarter to consistently take a gander at things in an unexpected way, when you miss the
transport from work or school consistently consider imagine a scenario in which that transport
will be engaged with a mishap, if your companions neglect to welcome you out for the night
don’t sit and feel hopeless think about all the things you needed to do that you never
possessed energy for. Postponement is never disavowal and destruction isn’t disappointment,
disappointment isn’t getting up to attempt again.
At the point when things consistently happen our direction it will make us egotistical and
narcissistic, consistently think about that there is tomorrow and that you can generally attempt
once more.



Continuously acknowledge the things you can’t change that will help maintain a strategic
distance from frustrations, change the things you can’t acknowledge by either working more
diligently or going to the other option and consistently be cautious in knowing the distinction.
Like the easily overlooked details in life before you pine for greater and better that way you
realize life can be acceptable before the wide range of various large changes and consistently
anticipate that less or nothing should maintain a strategic distance from disillusionment.
To have positive outcomes you must have an inspirational mentality, it is highly unlikely that a
contrary individual will accomplish positive outcomes. Acting positive gives you trust in a
superior result, you can’t disparage the intensity of positive reasoning.
Having an inspirational disposition wipes out all the sentiments of self-centeredness that will
make you quit attempting in whatever thing you are attempting to accomplish. Acting positive
while in rivalry with others is a terrorizing to your kindred rivals whether it is in school, in class
or even only your nearby weight reduction challenge in your area.
At the point when you generally act with a particular goal in mind for an extensive stretch of
time that activity begins to insert as a part of your character, what required a great deal of
exertion in doing will end up becoming a reflex activity that falls into place without any issues.
Continually endeavoring to be positive might be troublesome from the start since that little
interior voice will be revealing to you that you can’t do it however the more you stick to having
an uplifting mentality and being positive even in adverse conditions it will get simpler and it
will ultimately turn out to be essential for your character.
The vast majority generally feel negative promptly in the first part of the day when they
awaken and acknowledge they have a long furious day in front of them, they naturally feel
tested and defenseless that is the ideal second to join your uplifting mentality.
Every morning you wake and guarantee yourself that it will be a decent day and that you have
complete power over your satisfaction. You probably won’t have command over what occurs
for the duration of the day yet you have power over your response to what in particular will
In spite of the fact that your day may not end up being what you had wanted as opposed to
getting irritated or even furious with yourself and feeling like you bombed you simply unwind
and realize that there is another occasion to try.