California roll


California rolls with cream cheese

“California roll” made by rolling avocado and crab sticks. As the name implies, it is said to have been born in California, USA

So what exactly is Californian Roll?

California rolls are rolls made with avocado and crab sticks, and are characterized by being wrapped with seaweed inside. Other ingredients used include salmon, shrimp or fried shrimp, lettuce, and cucumber. Tobiko and sesame seeds are sprinkled on the outer surface of the vinegared rice.

What is the taste and texture of California rolls?

Avocado, which is so fat that it is called “forest butter,” is the main ingredient in California rolls. Thanks to the avocado, the whole taste is mellow. In addition, you can enjoy various tastes and textures such as the flavor of crab and the crispness of lettuce. There is something similar to salad rolls in Japanese sushi rolls.

The origin of the California roll

There are various theories about the birthplace of the California roll, but as the name implies, the theory that it was born in California is predominant. Although born overseas, it was the Japanese who devised it. It is said that the California roll was created by a sushi chef at Tokyo Kaikan, which opened in Los Angeles in 1963, to create sushi that is loved by Americans.

California roll ingredients

Until now, sushi has become a world-famous Japanese dish, but in the United States at that time, raw fish were still shunned. So I started using crab meat instead of raw fish for California rolls. In addition, we made it easier to eat by using avocado and mayonnaise, which are familiar to Americans.

Why is the rice on the outside?

The characteristic of California roll is also its winding method. In general, sushi rolls are usually wrapped with seaweed with vinegared rice inside. However, California rolls are the opposite of vinegared rice and seaweed. Why did it become such a shape? It was in consideration of Americans who were resistant to seaweed as well as raw fish. In the United States at that time, there was no custom of eating seaweed, so I wrapped it with seaweed inside so that I wouldn’t be shunned just for the sake of seeing it.

Is California Roll Good for health?


Of all the ingredients used in California rolls, the healthiest is still avocado. Avocado contains vitamin E, which has a high anti-aging effect. In addition, since it is rich in healthy vegetable fats, it can be expected to reduce bad cholesterol. In addition to that, it is a wonderful fruit that contains the recently talked about detox nutrients glutathione, potassium and dietary fiber! Avocado is one of the high-calorie fruits, but it has more than enough effect to make up for it.

A delicious way to eat California rolls

Wasabi soy sauce

California rolls come with mayonnaise, so you can eat them as they are. However, it is also quite delicious to eat with wasabi soy sauce to match the avocado. Also, the avocado used for California rolls is softer and richer when ripe than when it remains blue.

California rolls and American diet

Now, the California roll was made for Americans who don’t have the concept of raw fish, but why did you use avocado? It has a lot to do with the American diet. The United States is a country whose eating habits are biased due to the trend from the pioneering era. Nowadays, many immigrants live in the country, so it is a country where ingredients from all over the world are gathered, but most people are biased around frozen foods called TV dinners and greasy fried foods and meat. I have a strong diet. As a result, 70% of Americans suffer from obesity, and a health boom is emerging one after another to rename obesity. As mentioned above, the avocado used in California rolls is the best ingredient for detoxification. The California roll was born because of the sushi’s familiarity and the spirit of the craftsmen who care about the health of the eater.




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