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Junk food, which can be eaten anywhere, is the mainstream American food, but even in a short history, America is a country made by immigrants, so American food incorporates essences from various countries. Here are recommended menus to eat when traveling to the United States, such as the West Coast and East Coast.



Everyone loves hamburgers. Fast food is loved all over the world, but do you know the origin of hamburgers? Most people think of “America” when it comes to hamburgers.

It is true that the United States spread hamburgers, but it seems that the origin was that surprising country.


The origin of the hamburger was that surprising country!


It seems that the beginning of hamburgers is actually “Russia”.

It’s surprising. Tatars, a nomadic horseman who lived in Central Asia in the 13th century, sandwiched between the back of a horse and a saddle (leather or wooden equipment on which a person is placed on the back of a horse) when riding to soften edible meat. It seems that the origin of the hamburger was.

Certainly the meat is sandwiched firmly. As I wrote in the blog below, the definition of sandwiches and hamburgers was the same.


After that, when the method was introduced to Europe, it was heated and eaten.

Then, around the 18th century, “hamburger steak” was born, in which minced meat was stuffed in the intestines and then slowly baked in a fireplace to eat.


At this point, the food is complete. It’s exactly the same as the current sausage.


However, at this point it is not yet a hamburger. These dishes were introduced to the United States by immigrants from Europe around the 19th century.


However, at this point, I hadn’t eaten the meat (patties) sandwiched between breads, I just ate the meat itself.

After that, in 1904, the World Expo was held in St. Louis, USA, where a man who had a restaurant booth called Fletch and Davis sold it by sandwiching it in bread so that he could eat it while walking in a hot hamburger steak. By the way, it was very popular and was widely covered by the local newspaper media.


Seventeen years later, in 1921, the world’s first hamburger chain was born in the United States.


White-castle is a hamburger chain that revolves around the east coast of the United States called “White Castle”.


Characteristic of Hamburger

Originally a sandwich , it inherits the benefits of sandwiches . That is, it takes a short time to cook, and it can be easily eaten without using tableware.

Then, McDonald’s brothers because the incorporating the food production of plant type, low-cost mass production is variable capacity has become.” Inexpensive a sandwich hamburger is” is now even fast food as a synonym for the world in popularity there is.

Variation of Hamburger

Basic form of the hamburger itself is first lower part (of buns heel Place a), on the patties , then source , and cheese topped with or Guzai, Vans top ( crown by crowned a) completed to.

In order to give variation to the taste, ingredients other than beef and pork hamburger may be sandwiched. World to the most popular ones are fried fish whites across the fish bar would be guard. Fish Bar Gar of the pronoun, McDonald’s of the Filet-O-Fish was originally meat are those that have been devised for those who do not eaten. In a similar idea to this, the Islamic food, such as speaking and Hindu-speaking meat in an area where there is a restriction lamb meat , such as a bar guard is provided are. Chicken is also often used, and there are products such as cutlets and grills.

Disadvantage of Hamburger


The biggest drawback is that it is generally high in calories and fat . Patty oil-rich in ground meat because you are using, the amount of heat per hamburger is about 300 80 0 Kc is as much as al, considerably higher at this point. ” Mega case of” systems of hamburger, character Street 1000 Kc the al ultra some cases El.

Moreover hamburgers in the stand-alone full belly because there is a difficult feature to give a sense of, in many cases the side menu in conjunction with the offer is. The representative is French fries . French fries are fried shredded potatoes in salt ‘s what shook, but this salt taste to promote a sense of hunger and thirst. So in advance potato of salt in anticipation of the spicy cola idea to order together, potato of salt a cola that canceled out by the cycle is born. Thus filled with hamburger belly and potato with salt care, cola in the water minutes and sugar will be to replenish, this “hamburger French fries , Colas a standard menu in the United States . McDonald’s of Happy Meal followed the this also, “hamburger + fries +-de- link based on the” set is set to.

French fries , that is fried potato is approximately equal to eating one more hamburger calories have, salt also not be said to never conservative. As much as possible salad that put such desirable but, Mitsuru that’s it belly not feeling cannot be obtained. It’s an annoying place.

Various type of Hamburgers


  • Teriyaki Burger
  • Big Mac
  • “Mega” hamburger
  • Rice burger
  • Local burger

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