13-Year-Old Broadway Star Laurel Griggs Dies from asthma attack Attack—Here’s however that may Happen


Laurel Griggs, UN agency 1st won over Broadway at the age of six prima aboard Scarlett Johansson in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, died November 5 at the age of thirteen from AN respiratory illness.

The theater community is grief-stricken the young thespian, UN agency conjointly asterisked in many movies and tv shows, together with Saturday Night Live, and lots of have voiced surprise at however the common respiratory organ condition may flip deadly.

“It’s with significant heart that I even have to share some terribly unhappy news. My stunning and proficient grandchild, Laurel Griggs, has passed on to the great beyond suddenly from an enormous respiratory illness,” Laurel’s grandparent, David B. Rivlin, shared to Facebook on November half dozen. “Mount Sinai was brave in making an attempt to avoid wasting her however currently she’s with the angels.”

Laurel’s father, Apostle Griggs, told CNN that his girl had been battling asthma attack for 2 years. Whereas, she would go months at a time with none problems, he still took her certain constant medical checkups. However, once Laurel suffered an respiratory illness on November 5, she went into asystole. 2 hours later, she died.


What is asthma attack, exactly?

According to the Centers for un-wellness management and interference (CDC), in 2017 over twenty five million individuals within the U.S. suffered from asthma—a very little over eight % of the population. Of that variety, six million area unit kids. In fact, the government agency reports that it’s one amongst the foremost common semi-permanent diseases of youngsters. Whereas, asthma attack isn’t a death sentence for the bulk of these that suffer from it, 3,564 individuals died from it in 2017 alone.

Generally speaking {asthma| asthma attack| bronchial asthma| respiratory un-wellness| respiratory illness| respiratory disorder} could be a disease that affects your lungs, inflicting continual episodes of unhealthy, SOB, chest tightness, and nighttime or early morning coughing, in keeping with the government agency.

Reaction & asthma attack Network, tells Health. “Thus, greenhouse emission builds up in your blood and might cause you to prevent respiratory.”

Symptoms embrace excessive coughing (especially at night), respiratory issues, chest tightness, wheezing, and colds lasting over ten days.

The reason for asthma attack remains mostly unknown, however specialists believe there area unit genetic, environmental, and activity factors connected to the un-wellness, like exposure to mildew or wetness, allergens like dirt mites, and even secondhand tobacco smoke.

While there’s no cure for asthma attack, there area unit ways in which to regulate it, most effectively by taking medication—either via AN inhalator or in pill type.


Okay, however what’s AN asthma attack attack—and however will somebody die from one?

An respiratory illness will occur once a personal is exposed to “asthma triggers,” which might vary from person to person. It will embrace coughing, chest tightness, wheezing, and hassle respiratory, because of airways swelling and shrinking, creating less air able to get in and out of your lungs.

Death from a fatal respiratory illness is because of metabolic process failure, in keeping with Geoffrey Chupp, MD, director of the asthma attack and Airways un-wellness Program at Yale drugs. Can’t expand their lungs adequately to exchange gas and greenhouse emission,” he explains. “They lose consciousness and their heart stops beating properly from a scarcity of oxygen”—that’s once asystole, or the loss of heart operate, comes into play.

There area unit multiple causes for these variety of attacks, says Dr. Chupp.It will even be within the setting of a infection like contagious disease or respiratory disorder from a bacterium. Whereas it most typically happens to patients with inveterately severe un-wellness, it will happen to patients with gentle un-wellness yet.

He reiterates that a personal dying from an respiratory illness is comparatively rare. “It is commonly a tragic scenario in AN otherwise healthy person like Ms. Griggs,” Dr. Chupp explains. And again, Dr. Parikh points out that there area unit uncountable folks that accept asthma attack with none issue if well controlled.

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